Balmoral A5

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Filofax A5 Balmoral black

About the model

production timeframe  ? - 2001-2004 - ?
original sales price
ring size 30mm
sizes M2, Mini,Pocket,Personal,A5
material leather with a crocodile print
feel heavy
construction no padding, stiffening material identifiable
flatability with light training not as easily attainable with the back pocket (if present)
  • left: 8 credit card pockets, a pocket, gusseted full-height pocket with leather-flap also protecting the credit card pockets;
  • right: slot for writing pad
  • back: full double width wallet pocket available with some versions of this model
pen loop

two leather pen loops, different in size the smaller is quite tight

strap leather-strap popper not visible, featuring two snaps
dimensions (WxDxH)


A very popular Filofax, one of the most sought-after. Owners know why. Especially interesting is the variant with the back pocket.


family shots

black (with back pocket)

brown (with back pocket)