Balmoral Mini

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Filofax Mini Balmoral caramel

About the model

production timeframe  ? - 2001-2004 - ?
original sales price
ring size 11mm
sizes M2, Mini,Pocket,Personal,A5
material leather with a crocodile print
feel light, stiff;
construction no padding, stiffening material not identifiable
flatability not possible, because of the back pocket
  • left: 3 credit card pockets, full-height pocket
  • right: full-height pocket, gusseted purse pocket with press-stud
  • back: full double width wallet pocket
pen loop
  • right: leather pen loop, not flexible
strap leather-strap popper not visible, featuring two snaps
dimensions (WxDxH) 10,5cm x 3,3cm x 12cm


The Balmoral Mini is a very beautiful binder but because of it's size the purse pocket is really small and the wallet pocket on the back does make it quite impossible for the binder to lay flat, even with training. The Mini will need quite some time to get softer with use.


family shots