Balmoral Personal

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Filofax Personal Balmoral brown, heavily used

About the model

production timeframe  ? - 2001 - 2004 - ?
original sales price
ring size 23mm
sizes M2, Mini,Pocket,Personal,A5
material leather with a crocodile print
feel heavy
construction no padding, stiffening material identifiable
flatability with light training not as easily attainable with the back pocket (if present)
  • left: 8 credit card pockets, gusseted full-height pocket with leather-flap also protecting the credit card pockets;
  • right: gusseted full-height purse pocket with leather-flap closed by press-stud
  • back: full double width wallet pocket available with some versions of this model
pen loop

two leather pen loops, different in size the smaller is quite tight

strap leather-strap popper not visible, featuring two snaps
dimensions (WxDxH)


The presented Filo has been heavily used. The edges got chipped and the raised parts of the crocodile print tend to wear more than the rest.


A very popular Filofax, one of the most sought-after. Owners know why. Especially interesting is the variant with the back pocket.


family shots

black (with back pocket)

brown (with back pocket)