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Filofax Personal Dundee brown

About the model

production timeframe 1992 - 1994
original sales price
ring size 23mm
sizes Personal
material calf leather with crocodile print
feel new: a little stiff, sleek; used: smooth
construction stiffening material
flatability depending on the individual model; some with light training, some not possible
  • left: 8 credit card pockets, full-height pocket
  • right: full-height pocket, zipped full-height pocket, concealed in some models (see below for more information)
pen loop leather pen loops on both sides, not flexible
strap leather-strap with visible popper
dimensions (WxDxH) 13cm x 3,6cm x 18,5cm


There is a difference between individual models, some tend to have a plastic-feel, others a more nicely feel to them (see below for more information).








Depending on the production-year and production-countries there is a difference in the zipper-design. see pictures:


Depending on the production-year there are differences in the leather used. see pictures: the Dundee on the left is older and has a more smooth feel, the Dundee on the right has been bought new not that long ago and has a more plastic feel to it. It is possible that this might change with the years of use.