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| sizes                      || {{:Hamilton_sizes}}
| sizes                      || {{:Hamilton_sizes}}
| material      ||
| material      || oiled [[:Category:Material_leather|leather]][[Category:Material_leather]]
oiled [[:Category:Material_leather|leather]][[Category:Material_leather]]
| feel      || very sturdy, a bit rough
| feel      || very sturdy, a bit rough

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Filofax Personal Hamilton ZIP brown

About the model

production timeframe 1999 - 2002
original sales price 110 USD
ring size 23mm
sizes Pocket, Pocket ZIP, Personal, Personal ZIP, A5;
material oiled leather
feel very sturdy, a bit rough
flatability with light training
  • left: 5 credit card pockets, credit-card mesh-pocket, full-height pocket
  • right: concealed zipped full-height pocket
  • front: full-height front pocket with strap-closure
pen loop two leather pen loops, not flexible
strap ZIP
dimensions (WxDxH)


The robust oiled leather does develop a beautiful patina. see example:


Very robust, it is easy to rub out small scratches because of the oiled leather; intense leather-smell; nice feel;