Lesser-known Filofaxes - the Henley

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In the third edition in this series of lesser-known Filofaxes I will showcase The Henley. It is not often seen in markets like eBay and I myself only got one by chance.

The model

The Henley has no back pocket which might be a problem for some people but can also be a treat as it helps the binder to keep a slim profile and makes it easier to lay flat. The Pocket-size showcased here has the smaller ring size of 15mm but this only helps the binder in size (see comparison-pictures well below with an Amazona Pocket). It was made in Personal- and Pocket-size in black and brown. I have a Pocket-sized one in brown which will be shown in pictures following.

Photo tour

The front of the Henley with the visible popper, its plaited design and the smooth spine.
The back of the Henley
The inside showing the four credit card pockets, the full-height pocket and the zipped full-height pocket.
The embossing on the inside
a close-up of the plaited design
a close-up of the plaited design
The inside showing a sample use
The inside showing a sample use
The pen loop on the right which is positioned very well ensuring the pen won't interfere with the inserts!
The positive effect of the pen loop position
comparison-picture with an Amazona Pocket below. The angle of the picture is not perfect as it does suggest the Henley is higher than the Amazona. Which is wrong. It is the exact same height but it is not as wide making it fit in smaller bags.
comparison-picture with an Amazona Pocket from above showing that it is way slimmer than the Amazona.