My system

Since I have got a few questions about it I thought why not describe it. I present here, my current system.

on the go

I have tried quite a few solutions for my mobile Filofax, including a flex Pocket, a Mini, a Pocket and combinations of those and right now I use a Personal-size. The mobile, the on the go, Filofax has to be quite hard wearing for me and for this I have been using a Hamilton Personal for a while. Currently the binder of choice for this task is my Gillio Amica Medium. I have the following sections in this Filofax:
  • a few motivational texts
  • M2P for this and the next year
  • kitchen planning with WPP for a few months and lists of cooking ideas and ingredients that have to be used up
  • scrap paper for short term lists like a shopping list
  • lined paper for long term lists which might get transfered to a different Filo or reside in the mobile binder for a few months
  • D2P for three months
  • information-section with data like a insurance number for the car and many other things

traveling edition

traveling edition as the sections change when I am traveling with my "on the go"-Filo


text to write

raw noting & brainstorming

text to write

long term planner

text to write


Time/System A5 croc slim text to write

8 year diary

A diary for 8 years showing one day in 8 years on two pages. So, as an example, I have the first of January on a double page, four years on the left, four years on the right. This way I can write an entry for the first of January in every year and as the years go by I can see older entries while writing the newer ones reflecting on events years ago.
As this kind of diary takes up quite some space I currently use three Personals.

finances, kitchen-notes & recipes

text to write

remaining D2P