Sandhurst Personal

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Filofax Personal Sandhurst tan

About the model

production timeframe  ? - 1999 - ?
original sales price 180 USD
ring size 23mm
sizes Mini, Pocket, Slimline, Personal, A5, Deskfax;
material calf leather with contrast stitching (some colours), Made in Italy
feel very sturdy and stiff
construction padding not identifiable, stiffening material identifiable;
flatability with light training
  • left: 6 credit card pockets, full-height pocket;
  • right: 2 full-height pockets
pen loop

2 leather pen-loops

strap leather-strap with visible popper
dimensions (WxDxH) 13,5cm x 3cm x 19cm


A nearly indestructible binder, execellent to keep sheets and documents inside protected. The generous number of pockets (especially in A5 size) makes it perfect for work and personal use.


black (with white contrast-stitching)

cocoa (with orange contrast-stitching)