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Filofax Personal Sherwood tan

About the model

production timeframe  ? - 1990-1993- ?
original sales price
ring size 23mm, 25mm, 30mm;
sizes Personal
material scottish calf leather
feel very soft and smooth leather, quite bendable
construction lightly padded, you can easily feel the stiffening inside
flatability with light training
  • left: 8 credit card pockets, full-height pocket;
  • right: full-height pocket, zipped full-height pocket;
pen loop

2 leather pen-loops, quite tight

strap leather-strap with visible popper
dimensions (WxDxH) 12,5cm x 3cm x 19cm / 13,9cm x 4,3cm x 18,7cm (30mm rings)

identification note

Early models, such as the black and tan in this article, don't have the embossed model name on them. Later models came with "Filofax of England - Sherwood Deluxe Leather - Made in England" written on the inside.




black (with 30mm rings)


burgundy (with gold corners)


tan (prototype, maybe pigskin)

The presented model is unmarked and might be made with pigskin. The model might be a prototype.