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== Introduction ==
Here it is, the first in a series to get the lesser-known Filofaxes more attention. [[Stratford_Personal|The Stratford]]. Having one myself I could be a little biased but I will try to just introduce it's features and let you decide on your own how it compares to the other models that have been produced by Filofax.
The Stratford has, as far as I know, only been produced in black. It has a sincere, business-like look about it but it is made out of a very soft and pebbly leather making it the obvious choice for business-man but maybe also business-woman.
It sports the standard 23mm-rings, many credit card pockets and a gusseted zip-pocket. The pen loop on the right is quite big and there is no stiffening material identifiable.
== Photo tour ==
[[File:FFStratPersBlack01.jpg|left|thumb|600px|The front of the Stratford with the invisible popper.]]

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