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The aim of this wiki is to collect photos and information about every Filofax-<!-- and Gillio- DEACTIVATEDand Van der Spek--->model. It is designed to be a reference to help people searching for their perfect binder or finding more information about a certain model. <!--<br />
'''Want to help the wiki growing?'''<br />
If you have photos of models which are not already in the wiki or colours which are missing, I'd be very happy add them. Please send them to me via e-mail to '''filowiki(at)robert-mayr(dot)com'''.-->
=Whats new?=
* 2017.02.05: updated [[Cuban_Personal_ZIP|Cuban Personal ZIP]];
* 2016.10.24: added new page to list by [[:Category:Feature_ringmechanism|ring mechanism]] (adding only started!);
* one
* two
* ...
=Alphabetic listing of the models in the wiki=
<!-- Intro & Whats new -->
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