Winchester 4CCF King Crocodile Personal

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also mentioned in: Planner of the week series

Filofax Personal Winchester 4CCF King Crocodile green

About the model

production timeframe ? 1987 - 1992
original sales price 55 GBP
ring size 13mm (1/2"), 23mm (7/8");
sizes Personal
material leather with crocodile print
feel solid, heavy;
construction no padding, stiffening material not identifiable
flatability with light training
  • left: ring protector, 2 pockets (1/3, 2/3), gusseted full-height pocket, no credit card pockets!
  • right: ring protector, gusseted full-height pocket
pen loop 10mm-11mm leather pen loop, not flexible
strap leather-strap with visible popper
dimensions (WxDxH) 13,5cm x 3,5cm x 18,5cm


The Winchester 4CCF does develop a patina with time. Below on the left a worn example and on the right a very worn one.


I am a bit biased with this binder as I do love my dark green one. In the end it is a very good looking relic of the vintage era of Filofax binders having very nice features and quality leather but it is hard to find 4CCF Winchesters being in very good shape. Most have a quite worn croc print, seldom used ones do tend to be neglected which does show in the leather being very dry and maybe even cracking. If you find a very well-cared for, seldom used 4CCF you might have to pay pretty big money for it, there have been auctions going as high as 200 GBP.


black 1/2"

black 7/8"

brown 7/8"

popper has been replaced

green 7/8"