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Filofax Personal Balmoral 10CLF Karung Raspberry

About the model

production timeframe ? - 1985-1989 - ?
original sales price 475 USD (approx., possibly more)
ring size 30mm
sizes Personal
material Karung snake-leather
feel has a very special touch - you can feel the small scales of the snake-skin
construction very stiff
flatability out of the box
  • left: gusseted full-height pocket with leather-flap
  • middle: 6 credit card pockets, a small pocket, a full-height pocket;
  • right: pocket for a writing pad
pen loop double leather pen loops, not flexible
strap no strap, binder is designed as a wrap-around closing with two press-studs;
dimensions (WxDxH)


This planner might not be easily obtained elsewhere, it might be a built-to-order-model. It is not easy to exactly pinpoint its origins. If anyone can shed some light on this, please do not hesitate to contact me.