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There are the stars in the Filofax-lineup but there also are the lesser-known Filofaxes. The rare, the secret, the underestimated and unrecognized. But those have their advantages too and to showcase those seldom seen stars of the Filofax-world I started this series in specializing on the lesser-known Filofaxes!

The Stratford


Here it is, the first in a series to get the lesser-known Filofaxes more attention. The Stratford. Having one myself I could be a little biased but I will try to just introduce it's features and let you decide on your own how it compares to the other models that have been produced by Filofax.

The Stratford has, as far as I know, only been produced in black. It has a sincere, business-like look about it but it is made out of a very soft and pebbly leather making it the obvious choice for business-man but maybe also business-woman. It sports the standard 23mm-rings, many credit card pockets and a gusseted zip-pocket. The pen loop on the right is quite big and there is no stiffening material identifiable.

The Knightsbridge


The second edition of my series of lesser-known Filofaxes gets me to the Knightsbridge Personal. Again I am fortunate to have one and therefore being able to describe the feel of it's fine lambskin leather I have to admit it is hard to compare. I always think of nice skin when touching it. Just for this reason I also included a macro-shot of the material which does show how smooth the surface really is. So without further ado, here it is.

The Knightsbridge was introduced, at least in the US-market, in 1999 at a price-point of 300 USD making it, together with the Mayfair, the most expensive Filofax in that line-up. It has been produced in Pocket- and Personal-size but only in black. It has a quite fashionable look about it and together with its ring-protectors, the many pockets and the quite big pen-loops made for more luxurious pens it sports quite nice features.

The Henley


In the third edition in this series of lesser-known Filofaxes I will showcase The Henley. It is not often seen in markets like eBay and I myself only got one by chance.

The Henley has no back pocket which might be a problem for some people but can also be a treat as it helps the binder to keep a slim profile and makes it easier to lay flat. The Pocket-size showcased here has the smaller ring size of 15mm but this only helps the binder in size (see comparison-pictures well below with an Amazona Pocket). It was made in Personal- and Pocket-size in black and brown. I have a Pocket-sized one in brown which will be shown in pictures following.

The Winchester Iguana


Diving into Vintage Filofax-models this time I'd like to showcase The Winchester 4CLF IG Iguana Personal. It is a quite rare creature and not often seen in any of the markets and I got by chance one that is a little damaged.

The Iguana has the classic Winchester-style features which means two big gusseted full-height pockets, two smaller pockets and no credit card slots as those were not interesting for a binder in its time. It features the standard 7/8"-rings (23mm) and can be discussed into laying flat quite easily. It was only in researching the model that I found out that there once have been quite many colours to choose from and that there has been a four-ring Pocket-edition too. At the time of writing this I have only seen a yellow one which I hope to be able to add soon too.