Lesser-known Filofaxes - the Winchester Iguana

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Diving into Vintage Filofax-models this time I'd like to showcase The Winchester 4CLF IG Iguana Personal. It is a quite rare creature and not often seen in any of the markets and I got by chance one that is a little damaged.

The model

The Iguana has the classic Winchester-style features which means two big gusseted full-height pockets, two smaller pockets and no credit card slots as those were not interesting for a binder in its time. It features the standard 7/8"-rings (23mm) and can be discussed into laying flat quite easily. It was only in researching the model that I found out that there once have been quite many colours to choose from and that there has been a four-ring Pocket-edition too. At the time of writing this I have only seen a yellow one which I hope to be able to add soon too.

Photo tour

The front of the Iguana showing its characteristic lizard-print; this one even has not lost its popper-cap! Nice, as this is a typical problem with vintage-binders. You can also see its damage on the top of the front. Someone might have been a bit eager in removing a stain from it.
close-up of the sad damage
The back of the Iguana
The inside showing the typical Winchester-layout
The inside left
The inside right
a typical use