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Filofax Personal Holborn wine

About the model

production timeframe 2011 - 2016
original sales price 99 EUR
ring size 23mm
sizes Pocket, Slimline, Compact, Personal, Personal ZIP, A5, A5 ZIP;
material * soft buffalo-leather with unobtrusive grain * interior leather combined with textile
feel sturdy, very soft; the feal of the leather differs between the colours (black: sturdy, brown: soft; wine: very soft)
construction no padding
flatability out of the box
  • left: 6 credit card pockets, a pocket, 2 full-height pockets;
  • right: 2 full-height pockets, concealed zipped full-height pocket;
pen loop leather pen loop, partly flexible; 11mm;
strap leather-strap popper not visible
dimensions (WxDxH) ca. 13,5cm x ca. 3,1cm x ca. 18,9cm


The highlight of the Holborn family of binders is the softness of the leather and the amount of pockets every one of its models features. e.g. the Personal-size featuring 4 full-height pockets and a zipped pocket besides the 6 credit card pockets;

family shots


Very robust, sturdy, elegant. 5 (!) full-height pockets - one a little concealed with a zipper