Chester Personal tapestry

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Filofax Personal Chester tapestry

About the model

production timeframe  ? - 1996-1997 - ?
original sales price 26 GBP
ring size 23mm
sizes Pocket, Personal;
material leather spine, leather trimmings, canvas-decoration like a tapestry, green suede-finish vinyl on the inside;
feel light, textile
construction no padding, stiffening material identifiable
flatability with training
  • left: 6 credit card pockets, full-height pocket
  • right: full-height pocket
pen loop leather pen loop, not flexible
strap leather-strap with visible popper
dimensions (WxDxH) 13,3cm x 3,7cm x 18,6cm


As visible on the pictured example the Chester does tend to get cracks in the material on the inside of the spine near the ring system. Some models get like that with age, also leather models.