Gillio Amica Medium

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Gillio Amica Medium dark brown & gold

About the model

product number 224/10
elliptical rings width 30mm, height 22mm; six rings, outside measurement!!!;
sizes Mini, Pocket, Medium, A5, A4;
material vegetable tanned Tuscan leather
feel & construction stiffening identifiable
  • Epoca Black
  • Epoca Black-orange
  • Epoca Dark Brown
  • Epoca Dark Brown-gold
  • Epoca Gold
  • Epoca Green
  • Epoca Grey-orange
  • Epoca Pink
  • Epoca Purple
  • Epoca Purple-cream
  • Epoca Red
  • Epoca Red-Gold
  • Epoca Rust
features * left: 3 credit card pockets, a small pocket, 2 full-height secretarial pockets;
  • right: full-height secretarial pocket;
pen loop leather pen loop
strap leather-strap, popper not visible
dimensions (WxH)


Since the Amica Medium is designed a bit wider than the Compagna using 30mm rings is not a problem.



family shots

black & orange

dark brown & gold