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also mentioned in: Planner of the week series

Filofax Personal Original dark aqua

About the model

production timeframe 2013 -
original sales price
ring size 23mm
sizes Personal
material thick leather with matt or glossy (patent-colours) finish, inside visible reverse of external leather
feel heavy
construction no padding, no stiffening material identifiable
flatability out of the box

Made in England

  • left: 2 credit card pockets, full-height pocket, one multifunctional elastic holder
  • right: slot for writing pad (made for the jot pad), full-height pocket
pen loop only the elastic holder
strap leather-strap, branded popper; initially the strap was a bit short, this has been corrected in later models;
dimensions (WxDxH) 13,4cm x 4,4cm x 18,8cm



Some colour-versions do take colour from other objects. Some show cracking of the leather on the spine which does show depending on the colour.


dark aqua

fluoro pink


navy (us only)

patent black

patent fuchsia

patent nude

patent purple

pillarbox red

retro brown

standard green