Winchester 4PLF Pigskin

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Filofax Personal Winchester 4PLF Pigskin tan (popper cap replaced!)

About the model

production timeframe  ? - 1990 - ?
original sales price 49.50 GBP (1/2"), 52.00 GBP (7/8")
ring size 13mm (1/2"), 23mm (7/8")
sizes Personal
material pigskin leather
feel solid, heavy;
construction no padding, stiffening material not identifiable
flatability with light training
  • left: ring protector, 2 pockets (1/3, 2/3), gusseted full-height pocket, no credit card pockets!
  • right: ring protector, gusseted full-height pocket
pen loop leather pen loop, not flexible
strap leather-strap with visible popper
dimensions (WxDxH) 13,5cm x 3,5cm x 18,5cm


The pigskin leather making this one of the uncommon models made of pigskin Filofax did release in its history. You can identify pigskin leather on the little groups of three dots in the leather.


The Pigskin-leather is a very natural leather. It can be quite stiff when not or never cared for.


tan 7/8"

The plastic cap on the popper of this 4PLF has been replaced since the original was lost!